Selected Publications

D’Anjou, ONE ART: a journal of poetry, Forthcoming 2023
Unwavering, Poets Against Racism, USA
I Blink for a Miracle, Of Rust and Glass, Forthcoming 2023
Perched on the Trash of the World, Common Threads
Snapshots, Poetry X Hunger’s 2021 World Food Day (Reprint Online)
Pandemic Diaries, Passager Books, Online
Bon Voyage, Common Threads
Witness, Braided Way, Online
The Thing About Being Shut-In, The Poeming Pigeon Anthology
Walking, Death Never Dies Anthology
Ruminating, Mock Turtle Zine
The Landscape of a Body is Uneven, (Reprint), Black Lives
You Like the Noise of Me, Black Lives
Snapshots, Of Rust and Glass
In the Throat of a Tree, Kissing Dynamite
Changes, Dissonance Magazine
When My Car was in the Shop... Of Rust and Glass
Listen, Of Rust and Glass
Black Birds on a Mantle, The Kerf
Dusk, (Reprint) – PoPUp Poetry
In the Garden, Mock Turtle Zine
Holder of Hate, Flights
The River, Flights
Fat Meat is Greasy, Common Threads
The Longevity of Her Hair, Toledo Streets Newspaper
What’s Below the Surface (article), The Toledo Streets Newspaper
I’m Trying, Common Threads
The Landscape of a Body in Uneven, Flights
Life on Ice, Flights


Perched on the Trash of the World, 1st Place, OPA 2022 Eco Poetry Contest
Changes, Dissonance Magazine Writing Competition, Poetry Award, 2020
Unsung Hero Award for Community Service, Friendship Baptist Church, 2020
Inspirational Quote – Edify Fiction, Winter Issue, Finalist, 2019
Evolution of an AfroLourdes University Poetry Jam, First Place, 2018
Toledo Arts Commission Accelerated Grant Award, 2017
Smooth, Ode to the Zip Code Contest, 2nd Place, 2027
Backyard Barbecue, Ode to the Zip Code Contest, Finalist, 2017
Exodus, Toledo Museum of Art Poetry Competition, Honorable Mention, 2017
Family Tree, PRIZM Creative Community Art-A-Fair, Art Creative Ribbon, 2016 Digital Photography Award, PRIZM Creative Community Art-A-Fair 2016
Eclipse, PRIZM Creative Community Art a Fair, Second Place Short Story Award, 2015
Timeline, PRIZM Creative Community Art a Fair, Louis Comfort Tiffany Award for photography, 2015
In My Neighborhood, Toledo Arts Commission Sidewalk Poetry, Finalist, 2015
Snapshots, Promedica Revealing Hunger Spoken Word Competition, Finalist, 2015
Simplicity – TMA Ekphrastic Poetry Contest, First Place, 2014
The Landscape of a Body is Uneven (literature) in collaboration with Rineil
Rayford’s (art) Body Sculpture I; PRIZM Creative Community Beyond Words Art Exhibition, Fourth place, 2014
Miss Ella Sings – TMA Ekphrastic Poetry Contest, Second Place, 2010
Blue Refrain  – Scratch Pad, Toledo Artists Club, First Place, 2010

SpoFest Open Mic Poetry and Prose, June 2021
Black History Poetry Guest Poet, Toledo school for the Arts, 2021

“The Thing About Being Shut-In“, [1.00.39 sec], The Poeming Anthology, 10/9/21

Writer Talk, “Death Never Dies” Anthology 6/27/21

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